What happened to the Calendar Macro?

Is there a way to create calendars in 2019 version of Corel draw? I even purchased a calendar script I think years ago???

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  • Yes, the calendar macro is there. It was written by Alex Vakulenko, who used to (I believe) work for / with Corel.

    However, the version that is supplied in 2019 is an old, clunky version. Alex updated to a vastly improved version, which became available for Version X7, I think it was.

    Since that version (V4.2 was the last) there have been no further developments. If Corel really wanted to do things properly, they would get the rights to V4.2 and include it for everyone, not just those of us who PAID Vakulenko to create something and then walk away from it. I keep a copy of X7 running on my laptop ONLY to use Calendar Creator 4.2.

    Not happy about this, and I was coming into the forum to say something about it, only to find that paperglyphs has beaten me to it.

    With all due respect, Ariel's answer is only a part of the story, and is not the answer...