Objects are not available for all the pages when it is outside of the page

Any object which is outside of the page is visible and available for all the pages which was the common behavior till the CorelDraw 2018, but not in the CorelDraw 2019, to make it possible we have to drag the object in the object docker to the desktop section at the bottom, in this case, the productivity gets lost, Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

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  • Sorry to resurrect this from a couple months ago, but the comments below simply do not work. I am in the 2019 trial version right now. Cannot justify updating if I can't figure this one out. If I drag an object to the empty space outside the canvas, I need it there on all pages. That's the purpose of that space, a common's area for objects I want access too from page to page. I have unchecked this option, then drug my object to outside of the canvas, still disappears when switching pages...?