Why They say that CorelDraw 2019 uses GPU and Multicore processors when it doesn't use at all?

I tried CorelDraw Trail version of 2019 and thought it would work better than old X7 as it also uses GPU like Adobe Indesign and illustrator so after installing I turned on the use GPU for vector preview and checked in task manager,

After turning on I restarted the software

GPU usage was idle and I tried to open a different type of photos and lineart but it doesn't use the GPU at all so I thought that it's because I'm using Nvidia and maybe Corel don't use Nvidia so I tried a Vega 56 this card was launched before the software was launched so.

But this time also the results were same,

CorelDraw is designing software that costs $$$ and doesn't use GPU. Even Google Chrome That doesn't cost anything uses GPU, All adobe's applications use GPU.

Then I Tried to run a quick test to check do Corel use all cores or even 4 Threads that the cheapest processor in 2019 have

I randomly typed something and made an outline to it a 10 pt outline to a 24 pt Freehand521 BT Font, and pressed ctrl+shift+Q to convert the outline to object. and bang!! an App that costs $$$ stops responding.

I tried the same thing on Ryzen 7 2700x based system and the same thing happened. I tried in X7 it converted the outline to object without any problem.

Before launching an application they should test it properly and remove all the bugs and I barely See any improvement in X7 and 2019's version and can be confident about X7 that I can complete the job on this but I can't' say this for 2019's CorelDraw.