Corel Draw 2019 - Super slow file opening and editing - Very unstable


I am running Corel Draw 2019 on Windows 10 and have yet come across another mind-numbing issue. I am working in a file just fine, then I perform an action, such as import or transparency, and I get the spinney wheel of death. Go to Task manager and Corel is not responding. Sometimes it will eventually perform the action after an extended period of time (4-5 minuets) or nothing at all. Force quit. Save Auto backup of file when I reopen the program and then every action takes forever, if at all. This is very frustrating. Any insight would be most helpful. Thank you!

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  • On my old draw it puts the graph on the whole desktop on the 2019 it only shows up on the outline of the paper you are using.

    Do you think it's possible that you aren't seeing the document grid on the desktop because your desktop color is the same - or very nearly the same - as the color of the grid?

    Have you tried changing the color of the desktop? I have a much lighter colored desktop, and I can see the grid on it.