Weird Bitmap effect

Can please somebody verify what I see in CorelDraw 2019

a) Import a bitmap

b) Use the node tool to drag the edges of the bitmap so it look e.g. like this

c) Add a bitmap effect. Use Gausian Blur.

d) The bitmap is blurred, but the editing of the nodes in step b has gone. The bitmap borders are a rectangle again.

e) Use Undo

f) the bluring is undone. The bitmaps is still a rectangle. The editing of the nodes is like they never happened :-(

Some bitmap filters (like Gausian Blur) have this behaviour on my machine - but not all.

Can someone please verify that this isn't just on my machine.

Best regards


  • I see this, too.

    If I do similar node editing on a bitmap in X7, and then apply Motion Blur, the node editing on the bitmap is lost; blur is applied to the whole original bitmap. So, perhaps this is an old problem that has been carried forward all the way to 2019!

    As a workaround in 2019, you might group the node-edited bitmap with another object - e.g., some small invisible object in the middle of the bitmap. You can then apply non-destructive effects to the group.

    That has the limitation that the group is a control group, so you aren't free to do further node editing on the bitmap without first removing the non-destructive effects.

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