Feature request, Ctrl-D (Duplicate)

I would like to for a duplicated object to always appear in-view.

As it currently stands, a duplicated object can be created out of view, requiring a focus change, using zoom out or zoom to Picked Object, to locate the dupicate for further work.

Ctrl-D seems to attempt to make some kind of determination as to where the duplicate is placed, sometimes to upper right of original, sometimes to lower left of original, not necessarily using the Tools Options | Document | General | Duplicate Offset -> Horizonal/Vertical values.

In fact, the Horizontal/Vertical values seem to be completely ignored, as, for example, I have these to values set to 5mm, and I am duplicating a 2mm circular object, which is not necessarily positioned to the right and upward of the original, but sometimes dead atop the original, and sometimes out of view, maybe 20-30mm away from the original.