Can't click on a font to add to top 5 recently used fonts

In X6, if you opened a previous file, all you had to do was click on a line of text (already there), and that font would automatically be placed into the top 5 most recently used font list. This was a "fantastic" feature saving tons of time as the alternative would be to re-sift your font list to access that font (this is obviously in case of a revision in which more text is being added using the same font or font family). In 2019 (also saw this in x8 and 2018), if you perform the same action, the font is not added to the list. Client needs another line of text added in same font, but I've been in several other files since the last time accessing the job, the font is long gone from the top five thus requiring to go back and find it again. When I run hundreds of fonts like I do, it's very time consuming... Would love to be able to just click on the line of text that is already there, thus placing it in the top 5 recently used, then I have automatic fast access to it to create my added line of text requiring the same font. Any feedback on this? I'm so tired of trying new versions of corel just to result to stay in X6 because it's so flawless.

On a side note, has there ever been a better version than X6... Can Corel just re-release x6 and make more money than they ever have by releasing a premium product.