Anybody thinks this is odd clone behaviour?

Hi Folks,

Can please somebody verify what I see:

a) Draw some line

b) Use Edit - Clone to create a clone

c) Use the mirror tool to mirror the clone

d) Select the "master" of the clone (the object you've dran first) and make it bigger. Now the first object is

- also sized, which is perfect

- the mirror is undone, what is odd

Now try the same a + b but do not use the mirror tool from them toolbar in step c but use the mirror function from the Transform docker

Now scale the master object. Now you get this

The clone is

- still mirrored. What is fine an whyt I would expect

- but not sized like the clone master, what is odd

I think it is odd, that both mirror options seem to work different on the clone and both are not what I would expect.

We have old designs where we used cloning and we always have the risk that sizing the graphics have odd results.

What do you think? Do I think wrong here?