Custom page sizes

In Draw 2019, when I save a custom page size, the new size subsequently appears in the available page sizes list, but none of the page size's properties - height, width, or resolution -  appears with it. So, the custom page size has the name I gave it, but retains the default page size's properties, which, of course, renders the saved page size useless. In Draw X8, a saved page's properties as well as its name are in effect immediately upon selection of the size. Any ideas?

[In case it matters, I have not imported any workspaces into Draw 2019. The few changes I've made have been made to the default workspace.]

  • I use custom pages all the time, it's one of the first things I set up - DL portrait, DL landscape, Business Card, Business Card with full bleed etc etc. They all save, they all work.

    One thing I've found that cures a lot of the strange things (which we possibly initiate ourselves by playing with the new toy) is to do an installation repair. A few annoying little things went away after that. If you do it, don't forget to redo the patch as well.

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