CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint 2019 - Changes. CD: Edit Bitmap button missing. PP: Bitmap can't be edited.

The new version (2019) of CorelDRAW Suite 2019 has a few changes that frustrated me until I figured them out.  Once figured out, they seem obvious.  I thought I would share them here since no amount of hunting in this forum or in the HELP files gave the solution.

My work flow, for many years, involves dragging TIF images into a CorelDraw document, selecting the the image and clicking the Edit Bit Map button.  Now in 2019 the button is gone from the tool bar.  I was worried that they had eliminated the feature.   I found "Edit Bitmap" command under the "Bitmaps" dropdown.  Obviously.

The bitmap then opens in Photo-Paint and appears to be locked.  No amount of trying to select the bitmap will work.  This was not true in my past version of Photo-Paint.  Well it seems the 2019 version puts the bitmap image on the "Background".  See "Object" on the right side of the screen.  On the right hand side of the "Background" object listing, you will find a single icon.  If you hover over the icon with the pointer of your mouse, the icon expands to three icons.  Hover over the icon on the right side of the three icons.  It will say "Create an object from the background".  Click on it and all is good again.  You will now be able to edit the bitmap.  So very obvious, if you know the secret.

Thankfully, the "Finish Editing" button is still on the top of the screen.

Best Wishes, from a novice.

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  • That sound a problem during install.

    For solve it, you must associate CPT file extension to PhotoPaint on Windows. Select any CPT and choose "open with"... but don't select any program, choose "use other.." instead, then choose the version of PhotoPaint you want and enable "use his program as default"

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