CorelDRAW Upgrades are Ending!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!

Got an email to purchase 2019 upgrade and it's also stating upgrades are ending???  Is it going the dreaded "subscription" (rent, never own) model?!

After reading the many bugs and problems with 2019, very reluctant to move on to that one.  I'd hate to purchase that 2019 upgrade and they leave it to die and NEVER fix it, but force me to SUBSCRIPTION after they take my money.

CorelDRAW Upgrades are Ending!

Now is your last chance to upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019. Later this year, upgrades will no longer be available.

  • Honestly, being a loyal CorelDraw user since the very beginning, this really seems VERY WRONG what Corel is doing.

    I feel like I am in this BIG RUSH BEFORE DECEMBER 1st, to purchase a bunch of upgrades from my current versions to this VERY BAD VERSION OF 2019?  The typical USA UPGRADE PRICE is $199 EACH (or catch their sales: $179, $169, $159, $149, and $139!), then on top of that, $99 Upgrade Protection?

    $298 TOTAL plus tax EACH for this so called LAST SCRAMBLE TO UPGRADE OR ELSE!  The OR ELSE is pay FULL PRICE $499 if you do not by December 1 2019?!

    I guess I wouldn't mind so much if the v2019 (even with latest fixes) worked like it should!  But it doesn't! (Corel DROPPED THE BALL with v2019 and it's crap Mac version and this so-called CRAP).  If it wasn't totally BROKE, DON'T FIX IT to BREAK IT EVEN MORE?!

    But they are protected by their EULA which you HAVE TO AGREE TO in order to use what you bought.

    In order NOT to have to pay full $499 (each!) after the deadline, you MUST AND HAVE TO PURCHASE their "LEMON" v2019 NOW BEFORE DECEMBER 1 2019!!  That is just NOT RIGHT!

    You're basically paying more ahead of time, in order to get hopefully a working version of v2020 at a more reasonable price compared to $499?  I cannot risk using v2019.

    So It looks like we have to purchase v2019, PLUS Upgrade Protection, (and NOT install it or use it since it's CRAP) in order to get v2020 next year for $298 each ($199 upgrade + $99 Upgrade Protection) versus FULL $499!!!!!  And HOPE that it works?!?!?!?!


  • So It looks like we have to purchase v2019, PLUS Upgrade Protection

    Nobody force you to upgrade. It's all about your business. 

    in order to get v2020 next year for $298 each ($199 upgrade + $99 Upgrade Protection) versus FULL $499!!!!! 

    it seems you are unhappy to pay less...  

    With the previous system, if you buy the program you would now pay $ 499 (according to you, since the international price is much higher, $ 669), the following year 250 (usually the update is half the price), and the next 250 others That is, $ 1000 in three years. With the new system, he would pay 499 + 99 + 99 + 99, $ 800 in three years.

    If you already had the program, with the previous system you would pay 250 this year (the international price is $ 669 and $ 329, without taking into account special offers), 250 the next year and 250 the next, 750 in three years. With the new system you would pay $ 250 + 99 this year, 99 next year and 99 the next year, $ 550 instead of $ 750. Use it or not, you will have saved money (2/3 of the total price).

    Of course, if you do not like the program or do not need it, even if it costs $ 50 it will be very expensive, an unnecessary expense. Naturally, I'm not as stupid as you should believe. Obviously your plan consists of something like "I update every several years." For example, if you bought the program last year or the previous year, you may not want to update this year. And if the current version has errors or does not have enough advantages for you, it is logical that you want to skip one or more versions. From the user's point of view, it is logical. Maybe this year I can't spend that money, and I postpone it for the following year. Or I am simply satisfied with the 2017/2018 version or whatever.

  • Naturally, I'm not as stupid as you should believe.

    Nobody said you were, that's something you came up with on your own.

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