CorelDRAW Upgrades are Ending!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!

Got an email to purchase 2019 upgrade and it's also stating upgrades are ending???  Is it going the dreaded "subscription" (rent, never own) model?!

After reading the many bugs and problems with 2019, very reluctant to move on to that one.  I'd hate to purchase that 2019 upgrade and they leave it to die and NEVER fix it, but force me to SUBSCRIPTION after they take my money.

CorelDRAW Upgrades are Ending!

Now is your last chance to upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019. Later this year, upgrades will no longer be available.

  • Wow! I guess I stumbled in here like Rip Van Winkle waking up from his nap to find that it may be the end of the line for my Corel Graphics Suite run. I certainly seem to fit the theme of long time CD users (since 1989) that have upgraded through the ranks. I stopped at X7. I moved this week to a new Windows 10 system from a Windows 7 system and thought I might give CDGS 2020 a try. I had upgraded from X3 to X7 for $99 and figured I'd probably do the same to just go ahead and jump to the current version. Now? Guess not.

    I have been actually using X3 version 90% of the time, in conjunction with Adobe CS4 with nary a problem.  Surely the time to move up was about right. How disappointing to read what I am reading. I wish it weren't true, but my experience tells me that I am gonna have to move on. I would not and did not jump on the Adobe subscription wagon. I still use the Lightroom 5.7 version. I'm not doing a Corel subscription. The best I would have done was upgrade my X7 to 2020 version at $199, though even that is tough with the way things are going right now. Just a shame all the way around.

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