Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect method in VBA/Macro does not work CorelDRAW 2019

I have a photo editing VBA Macro that worked fine in older versions of CorelDraw but since upgrading to 2019 it does not work properly. I started debugging and found that all of the Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect methods are buggy as demonstrated bellow:

I found the THIS code from CorelDraw's Developer that's not working in 2019 version.

Sub ApplyBitmapEffect()
Dim s As Shape
For Each s In ActivePage.Shapes
If s.Type = cdrBitmapShape Then
If s.Bitmap.Mode <> cdrRGBColorImage Then
s.Bitmap.ConvertTo cdrRGBColorImage
End If
'''''Parameters 1
's.Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect "Whirlpool", "WhirlpoolEffect WhirpoolSpacing=200,WhirlpoolSmear=30,WhirlpoolTwist=90,WhirlpoolStreak=99,WhirpoolWarp=1,WhirlpoolRandomSeed=0"

'''''Parameters 2
s.Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect "Whirlpool", "WhirlpoolEffect WhirpoolSpacing=5,WhirlpoolSmear=3,WhirlpoolTwist=0,WhirlpoolStreak=0,WhirpoolWarp=1,WhirlpoolRandomSeed=0"
End If
Next s
End Sub

If you run the macro it seems to be working fine but if you change the parameters there is no difference in the result. See Pictures

This seems to be the problem for all the bitmap effects I tried to run as macros/scripts. I am not sure what is cause of these problems in CorelDRAW 2019 or if it is just a bug in the new version. If anyone has any insight to the cause of this problem and if there is a solution/work around... Please HELP!