Issues with permissions and sharing?

My company just recently updated (saying "upgraded" would imply that what i have now is better) and now whenever I save a file regardless of if I created it or not it will remove the permissions for the other designers that I work with. In order to let them access the file to change or separate the file I must manually go in to the file properties and add "everyone" in the security tab. I have contacted Corel support about this and for the past 2 weeks they haven't given me anything that has worked so I figured I would open it up to the community to see if anyone has any ideas.

Potential fixes corel has given me:

1. It is some sort of "network issue"

     -My networking seems to be working fine. The only program that does this is CorelDRAW 2019. Saving things in CorelDRAW 2017 works fine still and my co-workers can open the files.

2. Make sure you are saving it in the correct folder and make sure permissions are shared with everyone

   -Felt a little insulted by this one honestly

3. Run the CorelDRAW as admin

   -Doing this will result in an error "there was a problem sending the command to the program" and my files wont open.

4. Then I got this....

    -"I am sorry to let you know that if you have not run the application as admin you are facing this issue with your operating system since your OS would have been damaged please contact your local technician for the inspection of stability of your OS." 

After I told them that it still isn't working they had me run WinAudit and moved me on to "Level 2 support" where I pretty much have had to start all over...

TLDR: Saving a file in CorelDRAW 2019 removes "everyone" from my permissions and wont let anyone else on my network open my files. I am open to any suggestions if any one has ideas on what could be the problem.

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  • I'd like to chime in that this is not a Windows specific issue, nor is it related to system level permissions. I administer a "Mac" shop, where part of our workflow saves to an open NFS fileserver. 

    When users save their files out of CorelDraw 2019 for Mac, the file is locked to the specific user that created it and "everyone" has no permissions/access. Even leveraging an Admin account, the file is locked to the creator and requires manual intervention to unlock. 

    This is even happening regardless of umask settings of 0000 applied on the system. Corel is the only application that this happens with, and is seemingly hardcoded into the application. There is no sane workaround that I have found thus far. 

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