CorelDraw 2019 Page moving issue

Just wondering is anyone else having this problem...

I create a multi-page document... for instance lets say a Mass Booklet.

When editing the document pages, some of the pages move out of sync, ie. page 6 moved to page 8, etc...

Any suggestions? Designed a 44 page book today, emailed the customer the proof... 8 of the pages had moved page position.

  • For those of you having issues with pages jumping around:

    Try to avoid clicking page tabs that are near the ends of the page tab bar, i.e. next to (or partly hidden under) the page navigator field to the left or the scroll bar to the right.
    In my tests I was sometimes able to make pages move when clicking on these tabs.

    When clicking on a two digit page tab (10 or higher) the tab bar moves a little, and if we click near the end of the tab bar at the same time, the click instead becomes a drag, and the page tab jumps to a new position.

    Seems to be at least one reason why pages suddenly swap places.

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