When are they going to come out with an update that actually fixes the buggy Corel Draw 2019, it is July and I am still waiting.

It is now July and I still do not see any new bug fixes to correct the multitude of issues with this latest design of CorelDraw 2019. I have every current update installed and am wondering if the new owners(a hedge fund) even care about quality? I know I would definitely want to have people who use my products to be able to give glowing recommendations, but with 2019 it is becoming difficult to recommend it to my peers. While there have always been issues with Corel, particularly exporting as an EPS file, for the most part, the design aspects have performed as expected. But now there are a bunch of issues that make it difficult to convert to and I find I have to continue using 2018 to get reliable production done. This is the worst upgrade I have ever purchased from Corel and they should be ashamed they released it with it being so buggy! Any news on updates would be appreciated because I feel they sold me a lemon, and worse they keep dropping the upgrade price without any fixes available which have me concerned that they don't intend to fix it.