CorelDraw Forced Upgrades

Been using CorelDraw since early 90's. Upgraded every couple versions. Was a tech editor on a book in the mid-90s. Every new version is buggy as hell and I lose some things I like to pick up "features' I never learn.. Could never get Corel's paint version to work anywhere near as well as Photoshop. Tried Corel on the Mac - buggy. So, for years I've use Corel on a PC and Photoshop on a Mac.

I should just learn Illustrator. Every time I have to upgrade CD I am more encouraged.

Q1. IF we go to this subscription approach, will we one day have the version we've learned force replaced by a new buggy version with changes? That could cause a great deal of stress and missed deadlines. Or, will we be able to continue using the older version until the bug fixes are in?

Q2. And, will it be $199 plus $99 now, or can I pay $199 and then my $99 each following year?

Thank you. D