5 Years Strive Result - Wanted to give to Delevelopers

Respected Developers

Really & Truly with immense pleasure and privilege i would like to give my 5 years strive for A PERFECT WORKSPACE 

which i designed with numerous layouts trails.    At last i finally came to one final Layout which is awesome and is very

much useful to everybody.

It does not have 

1) No menus

2) No toolbox

3) No complex Shortcuts

My sincere request is that despite of putting it aside please use atleast a week and compare with the default layout.  

My question is how to send this to Developers.  Really its a worthy only that much i can say.  I am not a programmer. 

but i always think user level and what is needed what is not needed.

at first set i wanted to sale, but do not know how to.  Atleast somehow i will be benefitted out of my financial issues.

i am a feelancer no job.

Hence sir please suggest