CorelDraw 2019 (and 2018) crashing x Digital Guardian


Has anyone faced a major issue of CorelDraw 2019 (also 2018) on not opening any file or simply not creating a new file? Every time I try one of these operations, CorelDraw simply disappears fro from the screen, closing all of its processes. No error messages, nothing.

After a long investigation using error monitors and software to create error files we detected that this has to do with the security software Digital Guardian (after an update) which, unfortunately, we cannot disable nor uninstall because it is mandatory and managed by our ITSecurity department. Some operation the CorelDRW.exe is being blocked by Digital Guardian. Curious is that CorelDraw 2017 works, meaning that the 2017' .exe file does not perform the same operation...

It would be okay using version 2017 for a while, but the problem is that many of my files are already 2018 and 2019, so I cannot open them.

Has anyone seen something like this happening? If yes, is there any workaround available, since this apparently can only be solved by an update from Corel, Digital Guardian or both companies?

Thank you.