Crashing while color chnage

I noticed few weeks ago that 1 out of 3 color change of object or text corel freeze and crash.

Just double click on color pallete  on bottom tight corner and i dont know why the color palettes are opened not the color viewers. So i click on color viewers and boom.

Everything shut down.

Somebody with similar problem?

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  • Pyrobloody and Cláudio, could you please provide a few more details, such as palettes and color mode used in the document? Does the issue appear to be file/object specific?

    Can you confirm that you are attempting to change the fill by double-clicking the color swatch on the status bar when the issue occurs?

    Does the same issue occur when you change a fill using other methods, such as within the 'Edit Fill' dialog from the Interactive Fill tool property bar, color viewer dropdowns on the property bar(s), on-screen color palette, Properties docker (Fill tab)?

    Would it be possible to capture and post a video of the issue occurring?

    Thank you, Sharon