Linked Excel table, change cell reference


I have a couple of linked excel tables in a Coredldraw file, and it generally works fine. However, if I delete or add rows, the display gets out of sync. Using the properties window you can see the file link, and the cell reference that is displayed. Is there a way to actually edit that link though and force other cells to be included/removed ?


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  • On X5 can be linked table updated Edit - Link - Update

    or you can use  macro code with OLE.UpdatLink (sample code below testd on CorelDraw X5, select linked table and run macro)

    Sub Update_linked_excel_file()
    Dim OS As ShapeRange
    Set OS = ActiveSelectionRange
    If InStr(1, OS(1).OLE.ServerName, excel, 1) > 0 Then OS(1).OLE.UpdateLink
    End Sub

    On higher version of CorelDraw you should look at  Object - Link - Update.