Auto sizing and moving of objects

In X5 and X7 I was able to..


  1. Select an object (object 1)
  2. Single click in either the X or Y coordinates
  3. Single click a different object (object 2) in the OBJECT DOCKER


The result was object 2 moving to the exact X and Y position as object 1.


Using the same process but at step 2 single clicking in either the width or height the result was object 2 was resized.


In 2019 this is not happening, which is extremely frustrating as I used this feature all day every day. I do not recall turning the feature on in X5 or X7 it just worked. Is there a feature I need to turn on or has this been completely removed?

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  • That was new to me, I mean that you could "copy" position, size, or scale by activating a Property Bar box and then click another object in the Object Manager.
    Really cool feature but I wonder how many knew about it, and if it was even meant to work like this?
    Anyway, it worked in 2018 but does not in 2019 so it may be another broken feature.

    Don't have the time right now but I'll try to forward the information to Corel next week.