Auto sizing and moving of objects

In X5 and X7 I was able to..


  1. Select an object (object 1)
  2. Single click in either the X or Y coordinates
  3. Single click a different object (object 2) in the OBJECT DOCKER


The result was object 2 moving to the exact X and Y position as object 1.


Using the same process but at step 2 single clicking in either the width or height the result was object 2 was resized.


In 2019 this is not happening, which is extremely frustrating as I used this feature all day every day. I do not recall turning the feature on in X5 or X7 it just worked. Is there a feature I need to turn on or has this been completely removed?

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  • Hmm, well I find this interesting for a few reasons. First of all, I use X7 and it doesn't work for me. Then there's the fact that such an obscure series of actions gets you that result. Or even the fact that you found that it does/did work. I tried it over and over, to no avail. Thats fine for me though, I use macros for both of those tasks. Are you familiar with macros? The position one is very simple:

    Sub Center()
    ActiveSelection.AlignToShape cdrAlignHCenter + cdrAlignVCenter, ActiveSelection.Shapes(1)
    End Sub

    For the size one, see this thread:

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