Circular dimensions - will there ever be a way?

I use the dimensioning tools quite a bit and that's fine for squarish things.  Will there (or is there a hidden way) to put a diameter or radius on an arc?  It would be so great to click a circle and have the diameter.  

  • I understand the wish, but I think that the current object model of CorelDRAW has limitations that make those sorts of dimensions hard to do.

    • There is no dedicated "circle" type of shape; just ellipses that happen to be circles.
    • Fillets applied to curve shapes are not "live" fillets with a well-defined radius that can be changed later. Instead, when a fillet is created, it's done as a Bézier curve.

    So, I think it would require some serious "down in the bones" changes to CorelDRAW. I'm not against it - I think those would be great changes - but I don't know if Corel shares my enthusiasm.

  • I AGREE!

    I know there are some macros etc, but CorelDraw also needs native support for arc-length & curve length also.  You can get this in the properties panel, but it needs to be added to the DIMENSIONING tool also.

    I know this is CAD features, but the beauty of CorelDraw, is you don't have to use those boring CAD programs to dimension... it's just missing some great dimensioning tools CAD programs have to finish it up.  And, no we don't want these added to only CorelCAD or CorelDesigner…  we need them in CorelDraw.