How to use GlobalMacroStorage_DocumentNew along with Dimension Precision / Enum SvgDrawingPrecision / Decimal Precision

It's default in my company to use MM for our drawings, and I see that I can set that easily, but I am struggling with how to set the precision to 0 for the Decimal Points.

Private Sub GlobalMacroStorage_DocumentNew(ByVal Doc As Document, ByVal FromTemplate As Boolean, ByVal Template As String, ByVal IncludeGraphics As Boolean)

Doc.Unit = cdrMillimeter
Doc.Rulers.HUnits = cdrMillimeter
Doc.Rulers.VUnits = cdrMillimeter

End Sub

I have done some research and found something about SvgDrawingPrecision, but don't understand quite how and where to set this to 0:

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  • In general, I don't think that you need to change Document.Unit for the sake of anything in CorelDRAW that the users interact with.

    People sometimes change Document.unit to a particular unit within a macro so that they can more conveniently "talk" to CorelDRAW using a particular unit. I don't do that; I just convert to/from document units as necessary in my macros.

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