Object outline aligment property (inside / centered / outside) feature taken off in 2019 version?

In Corel X7 I used object outline aligment with options: inside / centered / outside.

Now  I updated to 2019 Suite and looks like that feature is missing or moved elsewhere, I cannot find it anymore. Only Corner and Line cap options are offered:

This kind of options i'm looking in 2019 suite:

I'm using Home & Student version, might that be the reason too?

I'm aware of Contour tool, but i'm not looking that.

Thank you!

  • That's strange. It looks like that might be a bug with your interface.  You might have to reset the workspace using F8 when starting the program.  The feature appears in mine fine.  See attached.

    I'm not surprised if it is a bug.  This version is still full of them.