Pantone solid Palette

I prefer the 2017 version of the Pantone palette layout order. 2019 is completely different, is there away to reorganize the colors you use the most to always open in the order you set or default order they were in 2017. I set CMYK and Pantone solid - 3 rows of each that are my preferred. I will take a snap shot of 17 and 19 to show what I am asking is this isn't making sense.

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  • My guess is that you have selected the previous version palette "Pantone Solid Coated" in 2017, while you are using the new (was there already in 2017 too) "Pantone+ Solid Coated-V3" palette in 2019.

    For some reason they (Pantone) have decided to rearrange all colors based on "chromatic flow", which means that the colors are no longer in numerical order.
    They have also added 112 new colors to the beginning of the palette, which makes the confusion complete.

    I think you can imagine how fun it is to search for a specific color in the printed formula guide when the colors are no longer in numerical order.