Old CDR files

I have some old CDR files created on WIN 98. Which version of CORELDRAW can I use to read back those files ?

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  • From X6 onwards you cannot open pre v6 files. I keep a version of X5 here just for that purpose, but if you have a lot of them you're going to have to use the file converter macro to batch convert.

    If in Explorer , Details view, you add the column called File Version, you will then be able to sort files based on the originating Corel version for that file. Select all versions up to and including v5 and copy them to a new Temp folder. Run X5 or earlier and find the File Converter macro and allow it to convert those files to X5 files in the Temp folder. IF all runs successfully (and I'd recommend doing small batches) then you can archive the original pre-v5 files somewhere safe and replace them in the original folder by the converted X5 versions.

    Sorry if thats long winded, but I spent many a happy hour figuring all that out and converting my files. Thanks Corel, NOT.

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