CDR19 it's still not working

Since I bought CDR19 it's still not working at all on pc. The program starts up everything is ok, till I load a cdr, then endless loading and that's it !! What's happening? someone the same issue and got it solved ??

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  • Just as an FYI here is a product features comparison. There is not much new in CorelDRAW 2019 and what is new much it does not work correctly. Then the fact that many things that did work are now broken or do not work correctly.

    The truth 2019 is a downgrade to less functionality because so many things are broken or do not work at all and poorer processing speed.

    How they thought splitting up the options panel was a benefit I have no idea but that will make things much more confusing for new users.

    Oh well, it is what is, but given the level of dysfunctionality, unless a small army of developers is put on fixing it, we may not a good release for years. And with all the bugs in the MAC and web versions, they are going to need more than a small army as well as solid beta-testers which they obviously do not have.

    All of this points to very incompetent management and software project management which if these critical management issues are not addressed we are likely to see more of the same.