Hi friends,

I have been a Corel Draw user since Corel Draw 3, and over the years I have put up with some bad versions,
that's why I only bought the Odd Number versions up until now!

I am having so much trouble with un-stable multi page layouts  and total crashes. I have loaded in all the CD Patches and updates and they have made no difference at all.

Where is our Colour Button on the left hand toolbox toolbar, it used to be above the Pen Outline Colour.

I have a 800mm tall single page layout, with No Special Effects just plain text and a few solid colours and I tried yesterday to move some text around and tidy up the layout, and each time I tried it totally crashed, so I had to do it in Photoshop 2019.

I also had another bug, each time i typed a certain word it would automatically be replaced with another word, i tried changing the word in Writing Tools Quick Correct, but that hasn't worked either.

I still have Corel Draw X5 and to be honest that seems faster and more stable than the new CD19 and Don't get me started on effects in CD19 it just doesn't happen.

Sorry guys to drop in on you like this and have a whinge but I have suffered in silence enough and at the moment I am actually out of patience and seriously considering asking for my money back for the first time EVER since I've owned Corel Draw 3 and Its not cheap in New Zealand I can tell you that.

Is any one else having stability troubles and bugs and I mean just in general use with CD 19?

I was really looking forward to CD19 because I thought that it would be a very professional Design suite now,
because of the number of years the programmers have had to really iron out the bugs.

But i am really disappointed to say that I don't feel that it has progressed all that far when compared to what else is on the market, without mentioning names. I have read a lot of your forum posts and I am seeing a lot of bug issues as well.

I honestly think I will go back to CD 15 even though that still has a few bugs.

Which CD Version do you guys feel is the most stable to use?

Thanks every one for your time and I look forward to seeing your replies.

All the best.

Cheers Kev

Auckland | New Zealand