Cross-Post from 2018 Forum | Re: Advice about (Re)installing CGS 2018 to a new Windows 10 [1903] Profile

Apologies for the cross-post. I am hoping some of the 'regulars' here might help:

After about a week of Tech Support on an existing Ticket, including elevated Telephone Assistance today, it emerges that CGS 2018 will install to my long-standing Profile but none of its applications — DRAW, Photo-Paint, or Font Manager — are able to access my Font Collection(s) without instantly freezing. CGS X8 and X6 continue to run flawlessly, as they have for years.

The result of today's session is that CGS 2018 installed to a new User Account (provisionally set up to a 'Test' Profile) demonstrates no problem with Font access.

With over 200 installed applications, primarily because of so many that require deactivation prior to reactivation on a new User Account, it is possible but not practicable for me to build a replacement Profile — that is, move to a new User Account.

Therefore, I am contemplating establishing a new Profile primarily to run CGS 2018. (After carefully following the career of CGS 2019 on this forum, attempting that new version is a non-starter.)

Windows + all applications [SSD, C drive] are separated from ALL DATA, distributed on three partitions of a local HDD. Settings for each application and much of Windows itself are backed up manually to corresponding folders on the HDD. Every downloaded EXE and matching Key / Serial Number are stored in corresponding folders and backed up as well, imaged via Macrium Reflect to two independent external hard drives.

Thus, I am pretty sure I can eventually setup and optimize a new Profile.

However, as I have not done this before, I would be immensely grateful for advice / counsel from the experienced users on this forum. Any suggestions, hints, tips, strong recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Hans-Peter Guttmann

  • The happy ending: I have nailed the conflict that caused CGS 2018 to freeze in my main User Account. Since the age of Windows XP (2001) I have adjusted the Icon size and spacing of the Desktop. Until Windows 10 there was a native properties sheet to set these parameters. Since Windows 10 I have relied on 3rd party software to accomplish these customizations.

    For all versions of DRAW through X8 these alterations caused no problems, and, indeed, I have dozens of applications, for instance the latest version of Xara, that operate normally with these settings.

    Not so CGS 2018!!

    My new local account is now 90% complete. I have installed the 32-bit version of CGS 2018 so that I can retain the use of 32-bit only plugins in Photo-Paint. I must say I am impressed how efficiently Windows 10 [1903] handles the quick 'User Switch' via PINs instead of Passwords.