Creating Cut Contour lines for VersaWorks Roland Print/Cut

I'm panicking.  Can anyone tell me how to create cut contour lines in CD Graphic Suite 2019?  I am print/cutting to a Roland 

Thank you!  (I've watched several youtube videos, but none are for graphic suite 2019 and evidently it has changed.

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  • If in panic, here's the short answer:

    Open the Color docker in Draw and create a suitable color mix.
    Click the ... icon in the docker and add the color to the Document Color palette.
    Double click the new color in the Document palette to bring up the Palette Editor.
    First, name the new color "CutContour" (not sure but I think Roland may also use another name for it) and then select Spot Color in the "Treat as" dropdown. OK.
    Drag the new color swatch from the Document palette to another palette that will be available for all documents.

    When exporting to PDF or EPS, make sure colors are saved as "Native" and that spot colors are not converted to process colors.

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