Thanks, Corel... really NOT!

So I keep getting the annoying pop-ups. FYI shove these up you're you know what Corel you are spamming me I guess you think my time, work and what I am doing is of no concern to you but it is to me. I was recording a tutorial and what do I get. Corel harassing me with pop-ups. Stop working, stop recording, shut to greedy pop-up Corel marketing junk and start over.

It seems these pop-ups are tied into the update system from what I can tell any was to uninstall that and put an end to this nonsense.

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  • I have been fighting this battle for 3 years.  I have saved every pop screen that appeared after I closed out CD and have over 60 of them.  I printed them out, put them in an envelope and mailed them to the CEO of Corel in Canada.  I never got a reply.  I have haunted their Facebook page and their Twitter account and their support email and they never respond.  At first, they were nice.  They even gave me a file to add to the registry. A file called (DisableCHUForAllProducts.reg).  Google it with Corel in front.  It ran but did nothing.  They them suggested I change the 'messages' folder to 'hidden' and delete the contents.  Again, nothing.  Nothing stops the monster.  They finally blocked me on Facebook and Twitter and have a block on my email address in support.  If I use another email address, it goes through and I get a response.  They WILL NOT make it stop loading.  Even after they stopped supporting my version, which is X6.......... I like it and don't want to upgrade, a few months ago, the pop ups continued.  They won't offer me any support on the legacy version, but they will pop up my screen.  I have put these kinds of posts on theor FB page and they usually disappear within the hour.  So... trust me.  Nothing is going to happen to make them go away on yours.

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