Hi there everyone, I am trained to work on AutoCAD at work, yesterday I bought CorelCAD to work at home with. 
Does anyone know how to  purchase a set of interior plugins (bathroom,  kitchen), because to my big surprise this is not provided bij CorelDRAW. 

Without this, CorelCAD is pretty useless to me

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  • Hi Jo,

    You're in for another surprise! I use both AutoCAD and CorelDRAW at work and tried CorelCAD as a go between with no success. 

    CorelCAD and AutoCAD are not 100% compatible - polylines in CorelCAD become SPLINES in AutoCAD. Even a simple two node line in CorelCAD becomes a SPLINE in AutoCAD. This is the same with exporting from CorelDRAW to DWG or DXF. 

    Have you found this out yet? If not I would save a copy of an AutoCAD file, then open that dwg copy in CorelCAD, draw a line, save it, then open it in AutoCAD.  Do you have all spines now? Forget about the interior plugins as you made a mess of your AutoCAD file.  I've tried to solve this issue for years to no success. 

    If however you DON'T have all splines in AutoCAD from a CorelCAD drawing maybe Corel has figured out how to fix this issue. So please let me know what version of CorelCAD and AutoCAD you are using!