Path for templates CorelDraw2019

Sorry to ask that, must be a simple solution, but I can't find it - google search. All our templates are stored on our server. How to change the path for "New from Template" without clicking on "open folder location"?



  • Hi Tom,

    Templates are stored here C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Corel\Corel Content\Templates\Starter pack. 

    You can change where CorelDraw will look for templates in TOOLS>OPTIONS>GLOBAL>FILE LOCATIONS>TEMPLATES

    Click "Edit" and enter in your new template path. Click "ok" and "ok" when you're asked "are you sure"?

    Make sure you have full access to the server folder instead of "read only" as you may not get "untitled 1" when you open a template. 

    I changed my templates to a local folder where I have all my renders.  In this way if I change a template its also changed in my daily backup.  

    I haven't tried this with a folder on a server though.

    Hope this helps!



  • Another way to make a folder with templates accessible is to create an alias to that location.

    After creating the alias, it will be available under that same drop-down where "Add new..." is shown in that screenshot.

  • I note here that Corel substantially changed this in 2019, and brought it more in line with the changes they made in 2018 for accessing and managing Fills.

    One thing that is now missing, to the best of my knowledge, is the ability to directly "browse" to a folder and select an asset by filename. Whether that is a liability or not depends on how one likes to work.

    If you prefer to start a new document from a template by directly browsing and selecting the template file by name, I wrote a VBA macro to do that: #10: Macro - "New from Template Browse".