Corel 21.0 (2019) Object docker icon persistence

Hi All,

We produce labels and machined parts that may have a number of different operations associated. 

For example:

Step 1 digital print

Step 2 emboss or machine away a portion of the printed substrate

Step 3 die cut completed item.

Our parts necessarily have multiple layers associated with them, generally one layer for each process.

The object docker in Corel 21.0 (2019) does not show the visible, printable, and locked icons if they have not been selected, see object docker snippet below.

Layer named "ICONS NOT DISPLAYED" is currently printable, visible, and unlocked. If our operators hover over the area the icons pop up.

Layer name "ICONS DISPLAYED" is currently not printable or visible and is locked. The icons persist.

Question: Is there any way to make the icons persist in all cases? Locked or unlocked, visible or invisible, printable or not printable.

Thank you in advance.

  • I am not aware of any way to force the other states to be visible, as they were in previous versions of CorelDRAW.

    I think they are working from the logic that only the "negative" states are shown:

    • not Visible
    • not Editable
    • not Printable

    If the state is "positive" (Visible, Printable, Editable), then nothing is shown.

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