Ultimate Vector Bundle Worth it?

Thinking about pulling the trigger on the Ultimate Vector Bundle Corel keeps advertising but I cant find anywhere to see more examples of its content. Is there anywhere I can see more examples or can anyone tell me if it is worth it?...I have likely got my moneys worth picking away at the old old corel clipart for bits and pieces over the years but have seen plenty of lame vector bundles around...

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  • Just purchased bundle 1. Annoyed - You have download each icon group (didn't count but there has to be 25 or so), go through the questions, yes I accept, blah, blah and then a folder installs on your desktop. So you can't just install the whole bundle at once. As far as content, I see some stuff I can use in Bundle 1. I guess the plus side is if you don't like a specific group, don't download and install. I almost bought bundle 2, may do so but the downloading in pieces is time consuming