Worried about upgrading from X8 to 2019? Plus update vs. subscription.


I've been using Corel Draw for at least the past 10 years and have enjoyed it for the most part, minus a few bugs here and there.  I've been running Corel Draw X8 and have been getting the notices to upgrade and was just about to go through with all of it until I started to read about the Upgrade Protection and Subscription option and everything else.  So these are my concerns and I'm looking for any advice on the subject.

I've been reading that Corel Draw 2019 is very buggy and has had a lot of issues.  For those that have used X8 - is it worth the upgrade, which is currently $159?

My next concern is that if/when I do upgrade to 2019, it seems I will almost HAVE to subscribe to the Upgrade Protection so I always get the newest version, for an extra $99/year?  Or be stuck with buying a full version or subscribing.

It seems if I don't upgrade I'm pretty much stuck into getting a yearly subscription or just keep using X8 at that point?  I don't like the subscription plans and it's part of the reason I've stayed away from Adobe.  I feel like Corel really stuck me between a rock and a hard place on this one.  I'm weighing other options as well at this point as I'm not sure it's cost effective to stay with Draw.



  • Download the trial and test it out. Its not good, its unfinished but for you coming from X8 it'll be a challenge anyway probably less so than for those upgrading from 2018 because of all the dialog changes