cut master

Any one get a plotter to work in Corel 2019?  We have a graphtec 7000 and have been cutting for years out of Corel x6 and winxp. Now win 10 and Corel 2019 with trying all versions of cut master and NOTHING

  • I left CorelDraw 17 installed and for some reason that allows me to cut from 19.  Hope that works for you...

  • I sold my fc7000 for that reason. No longer working with updated software. Unfortunately, the 7000 will not work with CM3 (as far as I know) and the latest that it worked was CM2 in Corel X7. You can try finding another bridge program that supports both. I believe Signcut 2 works with both. I used to use that and it was fairly good but I needed to do print cut and the cut master handled that. I have not used the signcut 2 program for a while so not sure on reg marks etc. But it does a nice job cutting and installing weed lines

    If you had an FC70002 I think you can update the firmware and get things working with Corel x7 but not sure on anything newer?

    I have 2 older large format printers and a CE5000 and have them running on a win 7 computer that is not connected to the web so I can control any updates. 

    I struggled with the 7000 and corel x7 and had to find older versions of CM2 that still worked.

    Graphtec and corel both said "its time to update your machinery". HA...