Does your CorelDraw 2019 and 2020 closes "crashes" all the time?

Every time that I export a file like an .EPS and I click on the save Icon and CorelDraw 2019 closes "CRASH".

I tried doing the same on CorelDraw 2018 and 2017 and it works fine "no problems" when I save a file on 2017 and 18 I also can see the exporting file progress and it never crashes.

Is this only in my computer or it is also in yours too?

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  • I am on version

    It does it with every file when I try to save and export or export and save, my feeling is that CD 2019 does not have the ability to use the different processors with export and save at the same time.

    2018 and 2017 saves using a different processor that the one that the program is running and export uses a different one than the program and save is using. I can not see if 2019 does the same because it kills the program before you can check it.

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