Fill issue with combined objects in CD2019

In previous versions, I have been able to combine objects and fill between the combined objects. An example would be a circle with a compound. Normally I can just select and do a fill. Sometimes I would have to break the contour apart and do a combine objects then fill. This has always worked. In CD 2019 no matter what I do, the fill fills the center of the object filling things completely.

I can't find any settings that may have been changed. What should I be looking for?  

Seems there are many, many glitched in 2019. I wish I didn't have to upgrade but I get files from a customer that didn't want to save to an earlier version for me. 

  • Try using the Shape Tool (editing nodes), select 1 of the nodes of the center object, click Reverse Direction in the property bar.

  • This is something that is not only v2019.

  • timd1971 is right; This is not specific to 2019, this is how the rules for combined curves work.

    There are two different rules for whether "holes" in a combined object appear as holes or filled: Nonzero (winding) or Even-Odd.
    You can read about fill rules here and here.
    When an object is tagged as Nonzero, the subcurves must be running in the right direction to properly create holes.
    Nonzero is usually used on text that has been converted to curves, but sometimes also on imported objects.

    There are two ways to correct:

    1. Select the object, Open Object Properties docker and disable "Fill winding" in the fill section.
        You can also find "Fill winding" in the Edit Fill dialog.
        Unchecking this box will change the object's fill rule to Even-odd, and holes will appear as expected.

    2. Select the object with the Shape tool, select a node on the filled subcurve, and click the "Reverse direction" button in Property Bar.
        This way you keep the Nonzero winding rule but creates the hole by making sure the subcurves are "correct" instead.
        Note that if you don't select any node, you will change the direction on all subcurves, and Reverse direction will not have any visible effect.