CorelDRAW 2019 offline activation

Hey everyone,

How can I activate CorelDRAW without online connection?

I've purchased the Gov license but the technical support keep saying this is not possible, while the sales team keep sending me Deployment guide.

Help will be much appreciated 

  • Same issue here, Gov PC with no internet connection ever; we bought the X8 software with a laser system and I tried for a year to get them to help me activate it and never could.  Ended up finding a way around that one. Now another group has purchased 2019, the disk they send is just a downloader, the program isn't even on it.

    For X8 : One person told me on chat it would spit out some  info I could call in with when I tried to run the program, but it never did.

    The second over e-mail would sound like there was a solution and then in the next email would say - so you will just need to connect to the internet to get started.