macro no longer working CD Graphic Suite 2019 Student

Possible dumb user here! A few weeks ago I purchased the "sm_autosize" macro, installed and used it to resize some woodworking templates. Since then I cannot get the macro to work. When I click on the macro, a window should open where I specify the size a reference line should be. However, nothing happens, e.g. no window opens, that I can see when I now click on the macro icon. I'm running on a Win10 PC. Per CD support there is no difference between the student version I got and the full version except in the upper left corner I see "64-Bit Not for commercial use". I'm trying to create some templates to size for a woodworking class. 

I've reinstalled the macro but this did not do anything for me. I don't know how to remove the macro to see if reinstalling it after the uninstall will work.

  • Have you tried to run some other macro - even a simple one such as the "Hello World" sub in this blog post - to see if VBA in general is working?

  • Wild guess - and I don't know how "sm_autosize" handles this - but have you done any configuration changes going between dual monitors and a single monitor?

    Some macros have their userform remember its position on the screen, and can get into trouble going to a different screen configuration where the remembered position is wildly wrong.

  • Great!

    Another macro that can be used for that sort of task is this one: #25 - Macro - "Match Vectors".

    It may look more intimidating, but it has some built-in shortcuts (e.g., the "Quick Vectors" stuff) to make it quick and easy to perform some tasks, such as this "simple resize":