How's 2020 performing?


It's probably too early to tell but I was wondering what other people's experience is with 2020 performance so far. Is it Cdr 2019 that actually works. There's a number of features in 2019 that are really useful for my workflow - or would be if the program was reliable. I've largely been working in 2018 all year, its successor being so erratic. 

I've been with Coreldraw long enough not to expect it to be 100% stable. I've experienced one crash but that was possibly asking too much of the photorealistic function in Trace. Strictly speaking I'm not much bothered about the new 2020 features (or overly impressed). I'm reluctant to pay out for something that should have been fixed in the previous version but my trial runs out in a few days and I'm not committing any more cash untill I'm sure this version works. 

Thanks, Colin