How use a color mask in Photopaint?

Help!  Using Corel PhotoPaint 2019.

I'm trying to use a color mask to trim off the red part of an object which is around the object's periphery.  Here's an image, As you can see there's a thin red edge all around the periphery of this coin.

 The entire coin is an object.  I use the "picker tool" to select the red periphery (edges) and wish to create a mask so I can remove them.

However, when I use the color mask tool I either get no mask or it selects blotches in the inside of the coin even though I select just the red color picks.

I then go to either regular mode or HSB where I can pick against Hue, Saturation, or Brightness.  I tried selecting "Hue" only which hopefully would just select the red but no luck.   However, nothing I pick can select just those red edges.  Also what does sensitivity against Black or White do?  They seem to do the same thing.

Of course I can't use Magic Wand tool for this as it has a different purpose.

Any help would be appreciated greatly. I never really got adept with masks in Photopaint.

  • I have never had good luck with the "Color Mask" tool in PhotoPaint. I do have an easy workaround though that may be better suited to your needs:

    1. Select the "Color Picker Tool"
    2. Hover over the color from the coin that you would like to replace the red with
    3. Select the "Hue Replacer" Brush
    4. With your "Windows">Dockers>Brush Settings" open, select "Hue" from the "Paint" drop-down callout.
    5. Paint over the red areas of the coin.