Corel performance issue


I have tried the below scenarion on multiple Corel versions and all versions have the same performance issue.

As soon as I use power clip Corel starts to be non-responsive and the work slows down significantly, this depends on number of power clips in one file. If there is one power clip the non-responsive time is cca 10s and if there are 20 power clips the the non-reponsive time is 5 to 30 min depending on content, if file contains more power clips than cca 30 corel stays non-responsive for infinite time. I do not understand what is calusing the problem. Memory is used only in cca 30%, HDD activity 0 and CPU is around 25%. If I monitor single thread sometimes it is loaded (finish editing), but sometimes not (start editing). In case CPU, HDD, Memory are idle what is Corel waiting for, and why it is not responsible?

I tried various settings, use only simple wireframe, temp cleanup and nothing changed! Can someone help what to try next?

Below are screenshots of sample activity where I opened Corel, opened file, selected one power clip, start edit of power clip content and then finish edit of power clip content. On each picture you see resource monitor, Intel XTU, and task manager

1. Corel started and file opened:

2. Request edit of power clip (corel starts to be non responsive)

3. Power clip editable (Corel responsible again, total duration of non-responsive Corel cca 30 seconds)

4. Finish editing in power clip (Corel starts to be non-responsive again)

5. Edit finished, Corel responsive again Duration of non-responsive corel is cca 5min as I have selected small file to not wait for ages)

Does anybody has idea how this performance issue can be fixed?