Enable object scaling on all document outlines

Hello everyone

I have a code I got on the net, I need you to activate the scale of all outlines, but it is only on the page. Could someone help please

ApplyScaleWithShape ActivePage.Shapes

End Sub

Private Sub ApplyScaleWithShape(ss As Shapes)
Dim dDoc As Document, sh As Shape
For Each s In ss

If Not s.PowerClip Is Nothing Then ApplyScaleWithShape s.PowerClip.Shapes

Select Case s.Type
Case cdrTextShape, cdrRectangleShape, cdrMeshFillShape, cdrPolygonShape, _
cdrLinearDimensionShape, cdrEllipseShape, cdrCurveShape, cdrConnectorShape

If s.Outline.Type = cdrOutline And Not s.Outline.ScaleWithShape Then
s.Outline.ScaleWithShape = True
End If

Case cdrGroupShape
ApplyScaleWithShape s.Shapes
End Select
Next s

End Sub