2020 box sets

I noticed in the  latest advertisement drive that Coreldraw 2020 has the option of a box set for the full version. I presume that includes the hard disc. I thought Corel had dropped dvds in favour of download, along with upgrades.

What's the general feedback on 2020? Is it better than the previous one - ie 2019 that actually works. I really appreciated some of the new features in 2019 but had to give up using the programme after it proved so unreliable. 


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    0 Former Member 3 months ago in reply to colin frajbis
    I wonder if it's my machines at fault or conflicting programmes or devices are interfering with Coreldraw's smooth running.

    It is possible that these are the sources of problems. This is my opinion, maybe i'm wrong. On my pc i use CorelDraw , vlc media player and a few softwares from Windows 10. Windows Security is my security software, i did not installed other security software or game softwares, etc. As i wrote, i met just two permanent crashing issues in CorelDraw 2019.