Draw 2019 Menu Bar

I bought 2019 and have never used it. Every time I buy a new copy of Corel Suite I end up using my old version. I even made a new Menu bar so I could read it in Win 10. The main reason I keep using 5 is because of the customization of the tool bars. So today I tried using 2019 again so I could remember why I didn't use it. I saw right away that my custom tool bars under the menu bar are one of the problems. The tools will only go 3/4s of the way across the width of the total page. They seem to stop at the point where the dockers would be when open. So anything that would be in the tool bar will not cross this invisible line and I get the little > signs to show me the one extra thing in that tool bar. I have created the same tool bars in every version of this program. It is the way I work and I don't want to have to open the tool bar via the arrow because it is one tool tool big especially when all of them would fit if the extra space was used across the whole page.
Plus this is the slowest version yet. It seems to take forever for pages to open and even tools seem to lag.
I hope this has a fix by now and then maybe I can move on to finding out the reason it is so slow.

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