Is there a way to paste a vector inside a text box without it becoming a bitmap?

In InDesign, if you want to anchor a vector shape inside a text string, you can paste it in and it remains a vector, this way you can change the colour.

Is there a way to do this in Corel Draw without it being converted to a bitmap?

I'm trying to make a custom bullet point.

  • It is just a bitmap preview. You can scale your text and it will be updated. You can export it to any vector file (pdf, ai, eps), reimport and check that it is also the vector. But it is hard to recolor multiply instances of such a bullet. Find-replace color engine of CorelDRAW or color changing macros do not see inner graphics. You can copy the bullet from text, paste it to the layer, recolor it and then copy-paste it back one by one.

  • Do you mean Powerclip vector shape within text?